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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

do the daily service challenge...

Hey so this week was crazy! Well I guess since last Monday. I saw the ruins and that was cool, we are fighting the country trying to get my comp to be legal, he is only in Belize because he had a couple problems in El Salvador so they are going to keep him here or send him to another mission.  At the same time the country calls me like every other day asking me how much money I make and who is my boss...haha so that is interesting. We took a lot of time this week traveling and figuring everything out but it was fun.

Yesterday I met a guy, and he said "hey, I'm a member of the restored church of Jesus Christ as well. My Father is one of the 70, but I am inactive right now because I am not married but live with my future wife. But I will be back soon." And we had a crazy lesson with him and the spirit was so strong, so that was cool.

Also Monday we had such a spiritual meeting with Elder Duncan of the 70 https://www.lds.org/church/leader/kevin-r-duncan?lang=eng, and he was great. I was called up to play the piano and give a musical number for a choir without preparation but it went really well haha I was proud.

I WENT TO THE US!!!!! Just for a little bit.... haha funny story. I.......................................................... just........ walked into the U.S. embassy in Belize, haha so technically that is U.S. soil. But that was neat.

We are being stuffed by members like crazy...it is insane. And I have been learning a ton and fast. But anyways, I will write again on Monday. But I hope you all are doing well and will do the daily service challenge from the church:) God will bless you if you do I testify! Have a wonderful week!!!

these (below) were in Belmopan.  I worked there
with Elder Ostler for 2 hours and it was so amazing!!!
the man on the right is super cool. Brother Stamp and is always
talking about the States haha and gives us food all the time. 

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