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Monday, November 14, 2016

by the example we set will change more than you imagine!!

So this week was normal too I guess haha. I'm not really sure what normal is. On Sunday all 6 of the missionaries spoke and that was really sweet. 3 in Spanish Sacrament and 3 in English Sacrament. It was...interesting haha it was wow...really amazing actually. Just we kind of spoke a little bold... Like I started off with the scripture Romans 5:19. haha but the missionaries did an amazing job. I spoke in English and wow Kriol is messing up my English...but anyways.

We have this guy close to baptism I hope. His name is Kent. All of his family, his wife and everyone, are inactive members. He would come to church though but stopped because of his job, but he just got fired so he has been coming every Sunday without his family for the past 6 Sundays and even pays tithing. President Nephi pulled him into the office yesterday and said "I would like to give you a calling but wasn't sure what priesthood you had" and Kent said "well don't you need to be baptized to have the priesthood?" and then President said "WHAT??? YOU AREN'T BAPTIZED!!!" haha he told it funny but anyways it was nice having that support and he helped push him on a date for the 26th of November. Please pray for him and that I will get to see that miracle baptism as well.

We are working pretty hard without success. But anyways... things are going good!! Drunk people are buying us coke, my companion is cooking for me, and the weather here has been really nice!! But anyways, have a fantastic week you all!! And keep doing what's right. As the scriptures say by the example we set will change more than you imagine!!

My comp and Sister May from Cancun completed one year in the mission
on Friday so we celebrated with free pizza and a cake haha

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