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Monday, October 31, 2016

Things are going great...

Hello this week everybody. First of all...I just wanted to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I hope you all have a good day! Things are going good here in my area.

I have a new companion from Panama. His name is Elder Herrera and he is crazy! But it's a good crazy. So that is fun. He just came from El Salvador so I am trying to teach him English. Please pray that he can learn English soon he really wants to and is struggling. He is really cool though. He cooks for me even though he uses my food without asking haha and he put a pink dread in my hair..for Halloween pictures but I took it out before I left haha but we got costumes to dress up today in the church for pday so it should be fun!

We went to our branch presidents son's baptism and they randomly called me up to lead the baptism..again haha. That was amazing and there were a ton of people there. The branch is finally starting to pick up and grow! We are getting in the 80's 90's and 100's every week which is insane!!

It is starting to cool down here too!! I actually got a cold...haha I don't know how but I got a cold here in Belize...like what in the world...but I'm feeling great now. I am getting my temporary residency finally here in Belize which will last a while after the mission so I can just come back and visit and stay here easy now haha. But that's about all. Things are going great.

We are trying to visit the members more because house knocking doesn't seem to be working too well now...especially because we can't go very far without bikes or anything. But really that's about all...I hope things are going well for you all!! I hope everyone has a great week and a safe Halloween!!! Ah dah go eet sum cahndi now.

New sister from new york. Her first day in Belize
my companion cooked that for me...it was actually really good haha

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