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Monday, October 10, 2016

Kids are such troopers

This week was good. Things are going great here just super normal haha I'm not really even sure what to write. We had interviews and a multizone meeting with the president so that was cool, and I went on a 2 day interchange with Elder Harris and that was really amazing!!! I saw a police motorcycle chase so that was pretty intense..and the Belize school system is on strike and protest...poor kids.

I had some really cool blessings as well but I will share those later. The sister missionaries in my district sure had a good scare with drunk guys... but I hope you all are okay with the Hurricane. That sounded crazy! I hope everyone is doing alright. It has just been hot here although Saturday it rained but we still got 5 kids to church. Kids are such troopers haha. But besides that...ummmm...it's all normal. And keep doing what is right! I will talk to you all next week!!

more pictures from last weeks excursion

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