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Monday, September 5, 2016

The mission is amazing.

So this week was pretty amazing! I went to Belize City for a leader meeting and that was really sweet. Belize is so pretty but so much bigger than El Salvador, but it doesn't even have a stake (multiple wards/congregations are grouped together in stakes) yet.  *We just heard a stake will be organized in Belize in the next couple months.  Brandon will be so excited!

We are seeing amazing miracles here in our area in Orange Walk and it is really cool and I am learning a ton. Also I am showing them how to play basketball although they hold their own. Mosquitoes are worse here than in El Salvador but they aren't all diseased like they are in El Salvador but everything is going great! I'm loving everything and the people here and the language is so cool! 

We are seeing people change so fast here and the ward (congregation) is growing very fast. I was also called to play the piano again so now I play the piano in church and so many people want to learn haha. 

We had the most amazing baptism of Abner and Angel...who are crazy into the gospel now. They read preach my gospel everyday, come to church at 6:30 every Sunday morning to help set up, and come to every single activity that we have. It is so amazing! They are going to continue so strong in the gospel and are already teaching with us and inviting their friends, which is exactly what this area needs right now are active youth. Abner gets the priesthood next Sunday... I am just so happy.

Also my former comp. (mission companion) told me that this couple got married and baptized...a couple whom I helped set their date for September, and now my "son" baptized them. The mission is amazing. It is scaring me how fast it is going :(

But something else that did scare me, was the fact that Abner ate chocolate after the baptism, and apparently he is not supposed to eat chocolate, and his heart started racing and he started almost passing out, and none of his family was there. That was super scary but we gave him a blessing and he felt amazing after. And when they got confirmed yesterday, it almost made me start crying. But, there is a lot more to right but not enough time. I hope everyone is doing well and keep it up!!! Have a great week!!!

look at my eyes...
they look green on the inside like moms and blue on the outside like dads
 I bought really cool quad.  The new ones because I am scared
bringing the one grandma and grandpa gave me around
cheat sheet I want to save
 One of my all time favorite and most miracle baptisms...
they are growing so fast in the gospel despite their family not being members
 Mom these chocolate things are amazing haha I will ask the sisters
(girl missionaries) how to make them and send it to you guys to try
 These people are amazing.  Abner (14) and Angel (10)
But just to bring the bike for someone else to have...
but it was really cool.  I miss riding bikes.
*I asked Brandon why they don't ride bikes and his reply was,
"because too many missionaries got in accidents or their bikes stolen"
 Our convert going to missionary practice and tearing it up.
The pants are good.  They are both good waist wise just one is a little too tall...
but I am wearing one right now and it is great.
*These are the pants that took 5 months to arrive.  They were too tight for Brandon before he left, he is definitely not gaining weight.  I told him to duck tape the ones that are too long:)

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