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Monday, August 29, 2016

God is doing an amazing work here...

HEY SO THIS WEEK WAS GOOD!!!! Ya so we had cookies last monday which were amazing! Having sisters in your district is so cool haha and I just played basketball the whole time. So that was cool. Basketball is really cool here because they are so good but they play so different so it is cool learning how they play.

Just wow I am getting roasted here haha it is so hot...I will be so tan when I get back...at least from the neck up and the arms down. So things are going great here. I really love Belize and I am learning and growing and working a ton here.

We had conference yesterday so at 4:00 we woke up to travel to Belize city and we have this really positive investigator...and they woke up to go with us along with 2 more. They are such troopers. Also Abner went to the meeting that we taught at 7:00 last night about how people can become missionaries and we didn't even invite him...haha but he came with a suit and everything. Him and his brother are basically in the water. Just please pray that their parents hearts will be softened so they can be baptized on the 3rd! We are so excited! That is really all we are thinking about and it is so cool. I have never had anyone as prepared as him to be baptized and he is only 14.

Also people have been having some crazy dreams about us and how we are the truth...how we are lifting people up...and how God tells them to listen to us...and tbh it is hard not to be prideful sometimes haha but God is doing an amazing work here and working through us.

I love this change so much and please pray that things can keep going well here. Thank you so much for all that you guys do and sorry it is so short I just have to go now! But take care you guys and have a great week!!!

YAY!  The lost package!! jajaja
It took 5 months to get to Brandon - ahhhh!
Thankfully the other packages have arrived within a month.

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