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Monday, August 1, 2016

Last 2 days in Armenia:(

It's been a lonnnggg tiiiimmmmeeee...without you my group...but I'll tell you all about here when I see you in Belize! hahaha I am going to BELIZE!!! I actually was really happy to go but I don't know...I'm kind of scared. My mission is about to change completely...like completely...food, language, people, weather, other missionaries, so many things wow...haha. But I guess I am happy to go but I will miss here a lot.

Here is how my last week went. So, someone gave me a bird...and I know you aren't supposed to have pets in the house but it couldn't fly and I didn't want to kill it so I brought it home. It wouldn't eat or drink water or my muffins or crackers...and it died...very sad, so that was my week. :(

Also we played Basketball two times this week against the team of Armenia because they knew that I was leaving...and the last game they gave me a basketball Jersey from their team...and it was something really special to me.

I have been eating like crazy here because people know I am leaving and it is interesting to see who wants me gone and who wants me to stay haha.

So also I can't send pictures this week, it will have to be next week so we will see. Ummm...had some interesting things happen, and some really amazing spiritual moments. It will be sad to leave some of the people. 

They are going to put me in a trio until next Tuesday and then fly me out to Belize. That will make me miss home being in the airport...hahaha :P But it will be cool!

But so ya...also the other missionaries in my area had the first baptism in that area this whole year and it was nice to see that area baptize right before I leave. That was cool and it makes me feel lucky for the areas that I have had.

But anyways...the mission is amazing just way too fast but take care you all!! Hope all is well!!!

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