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Monday, August 22, 2016

What a sweet experience...

This week was an amazing week!!! Things just seem to be going good here spiritually. Physically it is really hard and super hot...but we at least have a crazy nice house!

So I just wanted to take the time to explain the language here a little bit. I speak two languages here and I have to bring my scriptures in English and in Spanish everywhere because every house is different. But usually if people speak perfect Spanish they can speak a bit of English. And if they can speak pretty good English then they speak a perfect Creole...which is a really bad English haha but it is a sweet language! It's basically like how the Jamaicans talk just a little bit different words, but it is cool.

But church is in English with headsets and a translator for people who only understand Spanish. People sing in English and Spanish and the church itself has the name on the side of it in English and Spanish. Also our branch president gave the holy ghost (https://www.lds.org/topics/holy-ghost?lang=eng) to someone in English, then right after to the next person in Spanish. It is pretty unique. No one here speaks perfect "American" English but they all generally speak or understand it pretty well. So that is cool.

Ummmmm .. people here just randomly yell out my name and I have no idea how they know it...and always they are little kids...and then we go and teach them and their family so I have no idea how that happens but that is really cool. Since I am the DL (District Leader)  I had to give an interview to this sweet 16 year old girl who is a bit special, and her mom who is not a member wanted to be there for the interview too. The mom only knows Spanish and the girl only English, so it was really cool. I just started asking the mom the questions and the spirit was so strong in that moment and everybody started crying and the mom finally agreed to go to church and let her daughter be baptized. It was really sweet. Also the work here is so nice. I don't know how but the people here are either super ready, or not at all, unlike El Salvador where I felt it was all almost ready.

But anyways.... I PLAYED A REAL GAME OF BASKETBALL AND THE PEOPLE HERE ARE GOOD!!!! They are crazy good!! hahaha so it was so fun playing a real game of basketball again and I held my own haha somehow. but that was really fun.

Also Saturday we had a baptism and the sisters of whom I gave the interview had a baptism at the same time so that was a really cool experience. I had the wonderful opportunity of baptizing the sweet girl and the baptism in our area was baptized by his friend who was baptized 2 months ago. What a sweet experience that was really cool to see.

Also the Chinese food is amazing!! Just people here are always drunk and drunk people always join us at our table to talk about God so that is interesting but sometimes annoying but it is really cool haha.

Ummmm...so Saturday night the branch president called me and asked me to give a talk... That was my first talk I have given in my whole mission. I can't believe I made it 13 months without a talk haha but it went really well. And I'm back to playing the piano in Sacrament meeting haha. Also because no one gives us food here we cooked macaroni and cheese in the church at 8:30 last night after a meeting. Belize is so awesome hahaha. But I hope everything is going well with you guys!! Take care!!!

3 of the sisters (girl missionaries) celebrating their birthdays this month... girls...

our zone leaders looking like the FBI haha
(one of them is in my group Elder Harris...he is awesome)
 Companion practicing the baptism before the baptism with Del mar (guy who got baptized) and Edwuardo (recent convert who did the baptism)

The girl there is Ericka who is in the sisters area that I was able to baptize.
The guy with the hat is the one from our area who was baptized.

I know I'm an eagle scout but I wasn't prepared with plates or spoons haha

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