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Monday, August 15, 2016


Wow I have a lot to write and such a short amount of time so this will be choppy. First...Wow these weeks have been crazy. They put me in a trio in one of the most dangerous areas in the mission for a week which was actually really nice. Then I got to enter the temple and do a session, I love the temples!!!

Just packing was really stressful and my carry on for the airport was a laundry bag full of random stuff hahaha :P speaking of the airport...if you ever want to be baggy (trunky) as a missionary, go to the airport holy cow...hahahaha :P

But when I got to Belize it was actually really sad. You can see all the trees just messed up from the Hurricane that hit here...even though it wasn't big, it was still a hurricane. Anyways that was crazy. 

So I realized that I have been living in the poorest part of the mission for a year, which I will miss, but now my life has changed. I have air conditioning, washing machine, kitchen, it is crazy here. I feel like I am living in a condo. Just it is HOT SOON!!!! It is so hot you guys have no idea...the sun destroys here. But it is good haha :) I will get used to it.

Also I am the district leader of 4 sisters...and wow...haha girls are way different than guys. The language here is really weird, I will explain more next week but it is so cool!!

Everything is going great! I have a real piano, people who play basketball, Mac and cheese, peanut butter, and so much more, and we are working harder than I ever have in my mission. Anyways I don't have lots of time so I will explain more next week but I love you guys! And take care!

Also PS Someone told me that my first baptism that I had will probably get sealed in the temple soon. What a wonderful feeling that I don't even have words to describe.

my Lebrons shoes... my shirts...

My son in the mission and Andrea

Brother Daneri and his family!

fifth backpack in the mission and my new house
I feel like I'm on vacation just working super hard!

Monserrat area.  I was in a trio for a week there.

My English Nametag

This is Belize City but I am in Orange Walk, but it is still pretty like this.

my house and the owner's dog

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