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Monday, September 26, 2016

keep choosing what's right!!!

This week was really nice and I have learned a ton this week. I hope all of you girls who watched Women's conference really learned a lot and felt the spirit! From what I heard it was really nice! I hope you all member or non member can watch a bit of the conference this Saturday and Sunday!! It will be really special and something that you will never regret watching!!! It's just a couple hours that will change your life forever if you pay attention!!

So I have really been learning to follow the spirit and I taught a cool lesson I would like to share because the spirit inspired me during the lesson. We were at the church with a recent convert and we were sitting at the piano. I told him that let's imagine like the white keys represent happiness and the black keys sadness...then I played "How Firm a Foundation" without any flats... and it sounded super minor. But then I told him, now let's add in the sad moments in our lives, and it sounded great if I do say so myself. It was a really cool lesson and although he didn't pay attention at all, it was something that I really enjoyed. Black keys make music too.

Well I really don't have too much to say this week. Wednesday we stayed inside all day because of Independence day...haha crazy. And my recent convert made out with an investigator of the sisters.... sooo.. lots of work to do but hey I think the sisters will baptize her now hahah :P but just fyi flirt to convert is not a good tactic to use haha. But I hope everyone has a good week and keep choosing what's right!!! Take Care!!!

my companion can draw and the sisters can bake...
one of the owners dogs
 a pizza place that won't charge missionaries...I feel so bad going there:(
I drew the temple...haha my companion the others

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