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Monday, September 12, 2016

crazy how time flies on the mission

This was a good week. Ummm, my companion is leaving and going to Guatemala and I am getting a new companion tomorrow so we will see how that goes. They told me I have 6 changes left....that's not even funny. It is crazy how time flies on the mission but I still have plenty of time!!

So everything is going good! We have been teaching piano to this member who got a blessing to learn the piano...and he is learning FAST!! So that is cool. Belize is really sweet!

I got my first ingrown nail too :( But luckily it was on my finger somehow. I'm one of the only missionaries not to have an ingrown toenail problem on the mission...haha I am so lucky.

And my comp and I did a special musical number in church yesterday so that went really well. I love playing on a real piano again. And just a really interesting day yesterday...haha but anyways...don't have lots more time but thank you for all you guys do and I hope you all have an amazing week :)

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