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Monday, September 19, 2016

Do what is right and you will be happy!!!

This week has been good. I got a new companion. He says he is only 6 foot 6 but he looks taller. He is from Washington so things will be good this change. We wreck all these Belizians in basketball now haha it is so fun.

But Today Last year...exactly a year ago I had my first baptism. It is so crazy how my life has been this past year and I love it and I just feel so good! This week has been pretty normal and "normal" I mean drunk guys pulling out machetes on us and stuff, and walking and never sitting the whole day, but this Wednesday there is the Independence day celebration here in Belize and we are not allowed to leave the house or even look out the window...hahaha. but we bought lots of food so we will be okay.

The work here has been going a bit slow now because we have been so busy with other things but it should start to pick back up again. So I had a cool experience with the spirit yesterday. Our mission leader has a disease where sometimes he shakes and passes out on the ground, and we were doing splits. I had a prompting to tell my comp about his disease because he was going to go leave with him on splits, but I just didn't tell him because it doesn't happen a lot. Well it happened when they were together and my comp got freaked out. And the guy passed out and fell in a ditch with water in it. Luckily he is okay..but it was a great lesson for me to learn and helping me to help pick out the voice of spirit. That is probably the thing that I am most working on is trying to be able to talk to and listen to the spirit. Cool stuff.

But everything else is going good. It has been a lot cooler lately thankfully haha. I have been dying of heat..except now in the nights I am freezing with the air conditioning #washingtonpeople but luckily I bought a hoodie :) haha take care!! Have an amazing week!! DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY!!! Just small day to day battles make sure you win :)

 People I met in Armenia that got married and baptized!!!
(two pictures in left corner)

My drunk friend (grinch shirt)
A youth that went out with me (top, second from left)

Me singing in the bathroom

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