El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission Spanish Speaking July 2015 - July 2017

Monday, October 26, 2015

we are very blessed

This week has been amazing successful wise!!! Have 12 dates for baptism but I´m only counting on two because none of them can or will go to church, but at least they are accepting the truth for the most part.

So my companion tried talking to the president in English for the first time and I spent lots of time preparing him to do so, all we do is talk English in the streets and house. He knew almost none when I became his companion and now he knows so much. Usually people don´t go to Belize for their last change, actually, it is really rare. But for a person to go to Belize they have to know English and Spanish and my companion has never known English so he has never been to Belize, and this is his last change. Most Latinos don´t go to Belize but the president said he was really impressed and he can either go to Belize for his last change, or be zone leader, and he picked Belize! So I don't think I'll be with him next transfer but I´m so happy for him!!

Also I was walking down the street one day and thought about what it looked like and it reminded me of district 12 from Hunger games. It´s a little bit different though because the houses are even more poor than district 12 but they don´t have a scarcity of food..haha trust me. But so if you watch that movie just imagine the houses aren't even that good.

I have won the ant battle in my clothes, at least for now, but there are more battles. The water here has been shut off for the past 4 days in my area, except my house and a couple houses around...we are very blessed, but even our water is iffy. But it has been raining so much that my companion and I have been microwaving clothes to dry them, but that smells AWFUL!! haha!

Also this week I learned the slang voz form for El Salvador and it's pretty cool. For those of you who know Spanish it's even more informal than the tú form, but I have learned that I speak Spanish too fast, which I never thought would be a problem. But I like to speak as fast as them but with my accent they can't understand me when I do that haha.

Also I learned that the first baptism was really all mine, the guy before me just contacted him once but I helped teach all the lessons and get a date and everything so I feel amazing for that, just it felt too easy. I can really see the Lord´s hand in things. Like this new family just moved into our area about 5 days ago. We were walking but decided to change directions and ran straight into this family. They talked to us for a while and said they have been inactive for years, but with their new move they want to become active again and want us to teach their 11 and 10 year old children and see if they want to be baptized. It was so amazing!

Also, it started pouring so my companion and I ran into this random house because you can do that here, and later around 15 more people. They were joking around and said "preach to us the word of God" not really thinking we would...but, of course we wouldn't miss out on that opportunity so that was amazing!

But the biggest challenge and the biggest miracle has come from dogs. The past two days I have had SO MANY problems with dogs when really before I didn't have any, but it has been over 20 times in the past two days. Let's just say I'm glad I wear belts now and there are rocks on all the paths. My companion got bit on the shoe and we have been snapped at so many times I can't explain, and it's for no reason, they just see you and start barking and chasing you down and I'm terrified of them. But anyways, there were about 7 dogs and they aren't little dogs...at all. And we were surrounded in a circle like a movie or something and they were all closing in and we had our belts out but that just gets them more mad, then all of a sudden they all just stopped and walked away. I am so grateful someone up above loves me. But ya so that is even scarier than telling my mom I had my first kiss...haha. But anyways, so if any of you have any ideas about what to do in those situations I would LOVE to hear! and it would help me more than you could know!!!

Thank you all for all you do and btw I can throw a football farther than anyone here :)
Take care and have a happy Halloween :(

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