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Monday, October 19, 2015

I am very blessed

So changes were this week!! But, neither me or my companion had changes..but all is going well. So the past two nights I have been dreaming in Spanish and about my mission, the very first time I have done that!! Every single other night has been English about home and I wake up and realize I'm not there... so this is good!

This week I have really missed air conditioning holy cow! I realized I haven't even seen a building with air conditioning in a long time and it has been HOT except the past 3 days because it has been raining non stop which I kinda like. And I heard in other missions in Central America they get houses with air conditioning... but anyways.

We have this maybe baptism but he married a girl and had kids with her about 10 years with her, but ever since 10 years ago he has been living with this other girl and has a family with her so it's kinda complicated so please pray for this situation!

So some funny teaching situations were that this one mom we were teaching, and she asked me, "So you live in the states? Have you seen Joseph Smith?" haha it was funny and we also had to explain to her that the Bible wasn't written in one day and ughhh, haha. And this week was the very first time I got rejected at the door on my mission. People in the states would die for that to only happen that often haha!

Also I am kinda changing, for those of you who didn't know me before, now I like reading, beans, writing, walking, running, and the guitar haha. But some bad things this week, I went out to wash my clothes and there were ants and ant eggs EVERYWHERE in my clothes, so much that I spent an hour trying to wash them all out and I couldn´t make a dent. But I left them in water overnight and it is a lot better now, just actually have to wash them. Also the ants were everywhere chewing holes in all our food.

But some cool things, I used the only scripture mastery I actually memorized in Seminary haha! Matthew 25:40 (see below). To teach though usually I use scriptures I wrote in the back of the Bible and Book of Mormon haha. And a tender mercy was I was jumping across a river and as I jumped both of my backpack straps snapped, but my backpack landed not even an inch away from the river. I am very blessed haha.

Also I was thinking about the differences of this church and my church at home besides building wise. First, we had graham crackers for sacrament so that was cool, you have to bring your own hymn book here because the church doesn't have any, over 3/4 the people here are less actives or recent converts so you say the word atonement or priesthood and they have no idea what you are talking about, and also it starts 30 minutes late and ends on time, opposite of my church at home haha.

Funny things I talked to a parrot and it was really cool. It sounds exactly like a human just it can roll it's R's so it got me mad haha! And also my companion was talking to this girl at a door and gave her a pamphlet thinking it was a restoration pamphlet. Told her to read it and pray about it to know it´s true and set up a return appointment and as we were leaving and she shut the door he realized he gave her a pamphlet about the law of chastity haha! So that will be awkward to go back. But besides that everything is going good!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!! For your birthday I'm going to buy a cake and I will give you it all if you come here, but if not I will have to eat it myself :/ You are such an amazing brother Justin and you are smaller than the rest of us right now but man you can fight!! I miss you and how much you made me so happy and made me feel so good and happy all the time, and how you were always there to just make me feel loved! You are such an amazing person Justin and I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I also hope middle school isn't treating you too bad! haha! Wish I could be there but I will buy something here to give you in two years! Just have a great day :) Love you lil J! Can't wait to see you again and do some fun stuff with you when I get back!!!

Love you guys and until next week!

We had a birthday for a less active and it was pretty cool!  Also, I got charged at by a cow but everything is all good haha!

Matthew 25:40 ~ And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

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