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Monday, October 5, 2015

conference was so amazing!!

Hey guys I hope all has been well for all you! I´m gonna be kinda jumpy but I hope you all get what I'm trying to say.

First of all, conference was so amazing!! (https://www.lds.org/general-conference/?lang=eng) And so cool we got 3 amazing new apostles :) It was a great conference and what made it even greater was I got to watch it in English with 4 other gringos and tons of food and snacks and we ordered pizza on Saturday :) Even though I miss the molten hot lava cakes my dad usually takes me too I tried to make up for it haha!

Also Jeffrey R. Hollands talk about Mothers...wow. I could just imagine my mom bawling her eyes out and I was trying very hard not to do the same. My mom has carried me for over 18 years, much more than the 9 months she had to. She definitely has divine love and this mission has made me see that so much more clear.

Also, I started reading books and I opened the Jesus is the Christ Book and realized it was my dads from his mission! It was so amazing having something from his mission for me and a really cool golden A bookmark :)

I heard the "let it go" song from frozen in Spanish which is "Libre Soy" haha so that was cool! Last week after emailing I kicked a soccer ball over the fence and in a group of the backyards of these houses and businesses so the Latinos were very mad at me so I´m gonna try not to do that this time haha! But the Good news is the gringos were happy because we could play basketball instead!

My companion and I aren't having much success and we need to work harder, but I had some very cool experiences! And bad ones haha! Our water pipe in our house broke so our house was kinda flooding so we spent 4 hours one day calling people and getting that fixed and it didn't help that it was pouring rain harder than even in GA!

I had the wonderful opportunity to help catch the chickens and roosters and carry them across a house into another cage outside in their other side of the yard. Holy cow that is so hard and when they peck you that hurts and there is no where where you can grab a rooster or chicken where it can´t peck you. And they were so dirty and ughh hahaha it was cool and fun though.

Also a guy came up to me talking fluent English and said he wasn't a member of the Church but he hates this place and Spanish and wanted an English book and asked if he could have a book of Mormon in English. He said he got kicked out of the states for drugs and crimes which he made clear he still does but wants to read the Book of Mormon haha so that was interesting.

I had the worst food I have had yet. The person I baptized pulled out all of these sea turtle eggs and we tried them. Just how we ate them was so gross. It´s like taking an egg you are going to make scrambled eggs with, but you don´t heat it up or mix it. You drink it straight from the egg and I threw up in my mouth but luckily/unluckily I kept it in. It was the grossest thing I've had here but pretty cool to say I've tried!

Also if anyone wants an idea to be for Halloween, be a missionary! You will be so scary people won't even open the door haha and then I won't feel as bad because I won't be collecting candy either haha! But candy is crazy cheap here.

But I hope you all have had a great week! If any of you have any questions please ask!! :)

I love you all and hope you all got as much from conference as I did!
-Elder Austin

I might have broken someones finger because they were playing goalie and all the Latinos dared me to try and make a goal from half court. None of the Latinos did and when it was my turn they were joking like "Is this your first goal" I kicked the ball HARD and it nailed his finger (possibly broke it whoops) and went straight in!!! hahaha Can´t wait to play soccer with you J!

Oh! Also, we were arguing and Bible bashing about the Bible and gift of tongues with some random investigator haha! (I know you aren't supposed to do that) and I was talking really fluent Spanish and it was really cool and showing him that the gift of tongues was learning languages fast. Then at the end he offered a prayer and said "this is what the gift of tongues is" and started in Spanish, but in the middle of his prayer he started shaking and saying all these random words and phrases and yelling for like 5 minutes! haha it was really scary but all is well! :)

Do you ever see or hear from your mission president? 
We Email him once a week but that´s about it.

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