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Monday, September 28, 2015

teach me piano?

So I have started to write down stuff to email and wow I have a lot! This will be very choppy but so many cool things to say!!

So my companion has Chicken Gunya (not sure how to spell it but that´s how it sounds) see below and he has been so funny lately! Like he will say funny phrases in English in front of our investigators like he hates me or she is snake, watch out and he says it out loud and it is just so funny I can't explain. Also he called our zone leader to report numbers and in his call (It´s a gringo and they like to try it in English) My companion started "Hey, how are you", "I'm dying", "You´re what?", "I'm dying!", ...... "Oh okay very good very good" (He didn't know what that meant) "ELDER HERRERA I´m DYING!" "One sec I need search dictionary", ..... long pause "ohhhhh dyinggggg. I feel bad for you bro" And it´s just so funny!

Also there was a tarantula in my room and holy cow they are aggressive and fast, not friendly and slow like most people like to think.

Just some sad news, we have been teaching this old man who lives in a junk shed thing outside of his families house, and he had a baptismal date. We came to teach a lesson to him and his shed was torn apart and his family said he moved out. We saw him at the house a couple days later and he told us that his family kicked him out because we were visiting with him and I feel so bad :( But he said he is living with his other son and going to have the missionaries come over to him then so it is all working out for the good.

Also, I am getting so fat and eating so much! I look forward to the next time I'm going to be hungry which is never likely...haha! And I have found out I have gotten pretty ruthless.  This dog was kinda sniffing around me and just instinctively I kicked it in the face and then paused and said "what did I just do" so I´m feeling pretty mean :(

But my Spanish is going really good and I had two cool miracles! And a sweet vision. First was I was studying and kinda having a very spiritual time and then my companion came in and started singing and being really loud and disrupted my train of thought and was being so loud and annoying. I went to my room and said a prayer that he would stop and he didn't know I was praying, but before I finished he stopped and didn't make anymore noises.

Also we were contacting and this guy was being rude and told us to walk away and never come back. As we were leaving, he said "Wait. I feel like I should ask you something. Do any of you know anyone who can teach me piano?" We turned around and told him I could and would and he let us in and we are going to go back once a week to teach him piano and the gospel. Also he wanted me to prove I could play and he had a little electric piano that his daughter from the states sent him and so my companion was talking to him about our beliefs and I was playing background music haha! So that was a really cool coincidence :)

Also I was thinking, what if I never really convert anyone else or baptize anyone in this high baptizing mission. I would be disappointed and I just want to baptize one more person. And then the vision came into my head of me baptizing this cute little girl and it was so vivid and I realized that that was my daughter. Even if I don´t have any daughters it was still the coolest thought that I would get to baptize my kids someday and it made me so happy and emotional!

Another cool thing was I played basketball against Latinos 20 versus 1 (me) and I won! hahaha! And I was making them look so foolish like dribbling under their legs and around their back and it was just so fun! And looked good in a tie while doing it :) Then I got a cool prompting to walk outside so I did. I saw some papers and they were our water bill that we should have gotten last week but we just never checked our box! And if we didn't pay that day our water would be shut off so I´m very glad I looked!

So many cool stories and I will start writing them down to email this time. They are all in my journal I just forget and I have missed a lot of stuff the other weeks! I´m gonna send a poem as well but this is one of my least favorite but the next one that I will send in two weeks is amazing!!! :)

I love you guys so much and hope all is well!! -Elder Austin

Sorry I was typing really fast and I don´t really like this one but my next one is one of my favorites :) 

No one understands, today is the worst day out
No one has had a day like me, no one without a doubt
Walking home in the rain, here, I´ll tell you about my day
sit back and relax, I have a ton of bad news to say
My companion was being mean, trying to be strong, he pushed me and I tripped
Then laughed at me and wouldn't help me up, I went the whole day with a bruised lip
We had lots of appointments though, but none of them fell through
No one on the streets in the storm, therefore, nothing to do
No letter from my mom today, everyone has forgot about me
Companion won´t do anything I suggest, so I learned just to agree
Someone stole all my money today today, so today I had no food
I wasn't planning on fasting today, I wasn't really in the mood.
Plenty of water! But none of it safe to drink
Felt the worries flooding up, my life has began to sink
I did get a letter today though! From a girl I used to know,
Let´s just say when I ask her on a date when I get back, it will be a big fat no
These dumb mosquitoes though are the only thing that won't leave me alone
I´m scratching all the time, man, why do I feel so alone
Got a call from the mission president saying stop playing and get to work
I can already see the looks of the other missionaries giving me the smirk
My legs hurt from walking, and I have blisters on my feet,
Haven´t showered in 4 days, man I sure smell sweet
Why does this suck, why do I have to be living this nightmare!
Why won´t anybody listen? Does anybody care?
Wait, outside my apartment, a man lying in the rain
Why is he crying? Can someone feel my pain?
I´m going over to talk to him, tell him about my story
This one will be a baptism! He will have pity for me, don´t worry
After I told him my story he cried and said "feel better
You look like you could use some help, here, here is my sweater
I´m outside your apartment because this is where I was thrown
My parents are dead and I turned 18, my siblings decided I´m on my own
I´m sorry I can´t move, I would but I have no feet
One day dogs got loose and everything waist down is now meat
I´m sorry you lost your money, if I wasn't broke I´d give you some
I haven´t anything left in my bank, I don´t even have a one
I bet heart breaks stink, but I wouldn't know, haven´t even had a kiss
I´m short and I´m ugly, and acne is one thing that never seems to miss
Why would anybody love me, what can I offer to share?
I have nothing, I´m a cancer survivor, so I don´t even have my hair
I hope you have a good rest in that nice apartment you've got
I also hope that it has AC. Man here it sure gets hot
I also get criticized for not working well enough
I wish I had a companion to be with, even if he was rough
I guess we feel the same, I have no friends to talk to either
Even back at home if I offer friendship and love, they laugh and always say neither
How long can you go without food, because I´m thinking that soon I will die
I've gone 5 days since the last thing I ate, which was someone else´s fry
If I die I´ll watch over you so you will never again have it this hard
I´ll send you my prayers and if God will let me, I´ll even send you a card."
That was the last thing he said before life went out his blind eye
A note was in my room somehow, and it said "I forgot to say goodbye"
Today was the most sad day of my life, but now I´ll never say I have it rough
The friend that I met today, now his life compared to mine was tough
Be thankful for what you've got, because someone out there has zero
Shout-out to the man who didn't give me money, he gave me more. he is my hero.

You're eating beans and like them?!?! 
yaaaaa...hahaha beans are really good :) I eat them all the time and love them! hahaha idk why...

Guessing this is what Brandon's companion has: 
Chikungunya (chi-kən-guun-yə; Makonde for "that which bends up") is an infection caused by the chikungunya virus. The disease features the sudden onset of fever two to four days after exposure. The fever usually lasts two to seven days, while accompanying joint pains typically last weeks or months but sometimes years.  The virus is passed to humans by two species of mosquito of the genus Aedes: A. albopictus and A. aegypti.  The best means of prevention is overall mosquito control and the avoidance of bites by mosquitoes in areas where the disease is common. This may be partly achieved with the use of mosquito nets. No specific treatment is known, but supportive care is recommended, including rest, fluids, and medications to reduce fever and joint pain.

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