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Monday, September 21, 2015

keep the spirit with you!

Hey guys this week has flown by fast!!

Money is running out fast but besides that all is well haha. We all had to spend like $12 to go hike to a volcano, and we were going and it started sprinkling so the guards left and we had to go back down, it was so dumb. But besides that all has been great!

Had a marriage and a baptism, which the marriage is way different than in the U.S. because it´s like not a big deal at all and kids are running around, lawyer showed up an hour late and so did the bride and husband, but they are married now :) And I had the wonderful oportunity (Sorry I can´t spell anymore) to baptize Hermano Siro and now all of their family are members! It was really sweet and they are going strong and want to go to the temple and serve a mission and he wants to baptize his kids when they are old enough!

 I also just had a lot of fun this week and everything has just been going good and I have been eating way too good..haha. Also had a fun time going on splits with another gringo and just so many funny experiences! Also last P-day I got to play basketball a little bit with a soccer ball so that was cool!

Just my clothes are all so dirty..haha but they smell good just all stained but it's all good. Pupusas are so amazing and I am going to try and make them all the time when I get back! I have heard some amazing things about Belize though so I am very excited to go there but I´m trying to enjoy El Salvador while I can which really isn´t that hard once you get over how poor it is.

We don´t really have another baptism coming soon though so I´m kinda bummed, have 2 dates set with people but they never go to church even though we pass by before every Sunday. Also drunk people are hilarious here. Also another interesting story was that my companion and I locked our keys inside so we were climbing all over our house to get to the backyard and try and get in and were walking on other peoples houses, and it was so pretty! I will have to take my camera and do it again! haha! But we eventually got in so all is well!

I miss music and driving like crazy but one thing that drove me crazy was I was at a members house, then these 3 guys pulled out their phones or ipods and I heard a familiar noise... CLASH OF CLANS! Hahaha so I told them I played too and they want me to play it with them when I get back haha. But I got 22 months till I can think of that.

But thanks all for emailing me and thank you so much for all your love and support :) I love you all so much and sorry I don´t have much time this email! But I love you all and hope all is well back home! Keep me posted on new stuff good or bad haha I´m a curious person all the time, and keep the spirit with you! It is really cool :) Especially when you are lost at 9 about 30 minutes from your home...haha buses are crazy but it is a cool way of living here that I kind of like to be honest, just some things are annoying like the weather and mosquitoes.

Thanks for all you guys have done to make me who I am today :)
-Elder Awestin

A few questions
How do you wash your clothes, washing machine? 
bahahahaha!!! A washing machine...

What city or town are you in? We want to find it on the map and just curious exactly where you are? I am in Sonsonate in the American ward so close to the coast.

How do you send us emails? Where do you send them from? 
our stake (church) building has a couple computers so all the missionaries in our zone go there to email and order pizza!

What's your daily schedule like?
our schedule is studying till 12, lunch, and then we walk around all day to different people and teach lessons to people that will let us in and have a dinner with this amazing family and read with them at 9 so it works out!

How many people usually attend your church?
This week we had 50 people so usually around 40-60 but we have like 200 just they are all inactive. That´s the thing I love most about the states is that in the church there are lots of active members who actually live the gospel. A member of the Bishopric was asking me if Mormons in Utah did polygamy and he was serious. It´s kinda sad and there is so much work to be done here.

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