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Monday, September 14, 2015

Why am I here?

So today went a lot better than last week, just I can´t send pictures today but I just got a really short hair cut haha and I didn´t know all these hair words in Spanish so I just said yes to everything she asked haha! Also I am getting crazy fat.. but this week went a lot better than last week. It still was hard, but it was better.

Families are feeding us like crazy, yesterday we ate at 5 members homes and all gave us seconds...ughh haha and you can´t turn it down. But I love it so much. My companion and I both got sick at the same time, but not bad. Just crazy runny nose but that´s all, no pain or anything except for in our stomachs. Thank you all so much who email me and pray for me, I can really feel your prayers and please pray for me and health everyday because I´m almost positive half of the stuff I eat isn´t the best for me..so thank you so much!! I love you guys with all my heart!

Yesterday I found out that we are having a marriage on Saturday and right after a baptism, and I am the one doing the baptism! The Father is the only one not a member but he is unbelievably nice and although he has nothing he always tries and feeds us and asks me if I will come back after my mission, which last week was a sure no, but this week I actually would really love to come down here as a non missionary with some friends or family.

Something that has made me feel better was that I figured out I have the hottest zone (my companion told me the coolest, and the most rich) and I have the poorest area in my zone. I thought I had it the best so I was scared what could be worse, but now I feel a lot better after I figured all of that out!

I had a Pupusa (definition at bottom of post) and holy cow they are so good, and so filling. We were talking to this lady and she has 2 sons that live in Atlanta, and when the people came to take our money to pay, she payed for us and bought us drinks, which is really rare for someone to treat a gringo here. Also along with connections, in my ward there was a guy who served in Brazil, I don´t know his name, but he thinks he knows Elder Alex Jenkinson which is cool!

I hope all is going well back at home, it is going better here! I really wish I could send pictures today and I will keep on trying! And I forget lots of stuff to say during the week so if you have any questions or want to know anything please ask :)

El Salvador is WAY different than the states, they are like opposites in everything. But it´s going good! I think the hardest thing besides walking all day is answering the question so how are the states compared to here? But ya everything is going good!! Just this week mosquitoes have randomly started to bite me all the time when last week I didn´t even wear spray and had no bites... Weird haha but I miss you guys and keep me posted on any cool or weird or even bad changes at home in the states, but I pray for you all as well!!
les Amo mucho! -Elder Austin

Here is a poem I want to share too :)

Why am I here?
I came out to grow, to learn, and become a man
Move away from home, become independent, I didn´t understand.
I would knock on doors, hoping no one would answer
Walking around, eating my life down like cancer.
Why wasn´t I happy? Why aren´t the blessings coming?
Wasn´t I supposed to be happy baptizing or something?
I don´t think I´m growing, actually I´m losing weight
Why is this so hard, I feel like I have so much on my plate
People laugh at me, call me names, reject the help I give
Steal my clothes, steal my money, is this how I´m supposed to live?
I hate this, what have I gained, would it be better to stay at home?
Haven´t done anything, haven´t learned the language, why do I feel alone?
Exhausted after another day, companion said "We´ll get em next time"
Don´t feel we did anything new today, my companion keeps repeating that line
Got home, skipped my prayer, hopped straight into bed.
I just wanted to rest, I have another long day ahead.
I shut my eyes, and that´s when my eyes could see.
I was standing in El Salvador, and Jesus stood in front of me
"Do you know why you are here? Because it is not for you,
Do you know why you are out here doing the things you do?"
I froze for a bit, then hung my head down,
That question hit me like a train, and I couldn´t make a sound.
I said "I´m sorry, I haven´t really been here to serve,
walking around in heat is nothing compared to what I deserve"
He said "I know how you feel, I walked down a similar path,
I know how it feels to sweat, I sweat the blood of God´s wrath.
I´m sorry people don´t feed you, I know how that feels too,
40 days 40 nights, fasting to help people like you.
I´m sorry you have to wear a suit, and people point at you and swear,
I was stripped down to nothing but a crown that put blood in my hair.
I know you miss your family, I missed mine as well.
My mom I missed a lot, I really wish I could have had email.
I felt abandoned too, when I hung upon the cross,
And it makes me sad people won´t believe, and I know it´s just their loss.
I wanted to quit too, thought it was too hard, asked Father to take away my cup,
But I thought about who I was helping, and I decided not to give up.
People are grateful for my choice, people will be grateful for yours as well,
Brandon you are my friend, and after this, with me you shall forever dwell."
I heard some sudden beeping, opened my eyes and realized I was in bed.
So I jumped out of bed and prayed, I had a busy day ahead.
I may not baptize everyone, but neither did the best,
I only have two years to help other souls here come to rest.
I picked up my companions backpack, told him "Come on, let´s go!
There are people who don´t know about someone who suffered for them long ago!"
That day I felt like an angel, I felt wings upon my back,
And I could feel another person with me picking up all my slack.
I still got spit upon and rejected, but I´ll tell you why I had joy,
My 8 year old dreams were being fulfilled, I was no longer a little boy.
Later that week I baptized a small family, thankful for what I did,
Sealed together was a wife and husband, and their 9 year old little kid.
They said I was their hero, said I would never know how much I did too,
said they wished all families could be this happy, and hope my kid will be just like you.
With tears in my eyes I said "Don´t thank me, thank our Savior and Redeemer."
Helping people is all I want to do, now, I know why I´m here.

Brandon's pictures came through - yea!

Some city parts of my area

Wish this was my church haha 
This is so nice

Grandma asked:  How is your church? How many people in your ward? Did you get to play the piano again on Sunday?
Yes I always play we have about 120 people in my ward but it´s like only a different 30 or 40 show up every Sunday so I´m working hard to get them all back!!

Random pictures that came through on Brandon's wifi camera last week

A pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran dish made of a thick, handmade corn tortilla that is usually filled with a blend of the following: cheese cooked and seasoned pork meat ground to a paste consistency refried beans, or queso con loroco. Wikipedia

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