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Monday, June 19, 2017

when we are obedient we are immediately blessed!

Things have been going pretty normal this week. Pushing along trying to get the branch back up. It is the rainy season now!! It is starting to rain almost every day here which is super nice because it cools it off. It is hot sometimes haha.

But, surprise for my mom, I have had a random strong desire to learn how to cook this past week and I have been practicing, and telling members how to teach me so I know before I go to Utah haha. The food here is good. But besides that, pretty normal.

I lead another HEFY (Humanitarian Experience For Youth) group on splits and it was pretty fun. There will be one more group that I will see as well.

I have been practicing basketball in the mornings and on sports night, and I have been gaining the respect of the youth here. Pretty cool :) But besides that, people still don't want to get married... but we are going along :) Keep your prayers up!!

And I have learned that when we are obedient we are IMMEDIATELY blessed! Don't wait for those blessings :)

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