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Monday, June 26, 2017

we are everything to God

Hey! This week was busy but good!! We had our last interviews with President and our last multizone meeting. I love all the people in my group. Those of us who are here in Belize, we gave our last testimonies. It was super amazing! Very spiritual. 

Also it rained SUPER HARD here. Everything got flooded. Lots of houses. Luckily our house is raised up. But we don't have water and won't for a while. Maybe we can get permission to go in the river in our backyard haha.

But besides that...time is FLYING!! The days just keep coming and I tell them to stop but they don't. This is my last normal week as a missionary :/ I am very excited to go home, but sad, because there is still so much to do here. But sorry all these emails are short. Everything is going good though. I am still learning every single day!!

And another HEFY (Humanitarian Especially For Youth) group came out with us yesterday and we are going to have another one starting Saturday that will be doing activities in the Bullet tree branch every single day for like 2/3 weeks. Very cool.

But have a great week!! Also I haven't seemed to grow too much on the mission... but I was reading and realized many things. In 3 Nephi 13;27 or it's also found in the Bible in Matthew 6:27 ("Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?"). Cool scripture that helps me realize that compared to God we are nothing, yet we are everything to God.

My comp killed a spider...picador.
The rain was crazy...the church flooded.
This was a couple hours after it had all drained.

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