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Monday, June 12, 2017

I learn a ton every single day

Hey things were super cool this week. We had a surprise multi mission conference and we heard an apostle speak to us (Elder Renlund https://www.lds.org/church/leader/dale-g-renlund?lang=eng), and it was super amazing! The work this week wasn't too good and we were super busy the whole week... and it rained almost everyday...but we have been happy :)

My companion made my agenda.... kind of baggy... but it's alright. I'm really trying to enjoy being a missionary and helping people because although I tell myself I have a lot of time left... I know sadly it's not true.

I am still learning so much everyday just like when I started... I learn a ton every single day. That is something that I love.

But sorry... I'm really not sure what to write anymore... haha sorry, but things are going good! I love the challenge from the prophet about reading the Book of Mormon. The blessings are real!! I just started 3rd Nephi :) I challenge everyone to beat me!! haha but I read super slow right now! It's possible!

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