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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"I'm Just"

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN THE BEST WEEK BY FAR!!!! One more week of the CCM and I´m finally out there!!! I´m so excited!! I seriously am dying to be out there right now!! Today I was going to go listen to a talk by Elder Nelson (see below) and all the missionaries were going to get to shake his hand, but the Church decided it was too dangerous for him right now so I didn´t get to do that. It worked out though :) I went to the temple and this has been the first time I have cried in a temple. When they prayed for the missionaries and in the celestial room...wow. It was amazing!!! I have never felt so clean and full of the spirit before in my life and it is amazing the kind of spirit that God blesses you with if you desire it.

Also tonight I get to watch "The Best Two Years" (see below) so all the missionaries are super excited about that!! Although I miss family and friends and especially music like no one else, this is going by way too fast!! Already over a month!! But thank you to everyone who has supported me and helped me become the person I am today!! And...THANK YOU MOM FOR THE PACKAGE!!!! That made my day :) And week..and now I´m not freezing all the time!!

I really hope all is well out there and not too much has changed! I´m not sure if I will be able to write next week cause I leave EARLY next Tuesday and get straight to work, but I´m excited to actually have some cool stories and things to share :) We have learned lots of new tenses this week so I am learning on getting them all down and still need to work on listening to how fast and quiet people talk but I´m still doing pretty good. :)

So...I have written a couple poems with my room and they took the poems and now they are spread throughout the mtc and so many people have copied them down. It´s pretty cool and they all say they are going to share them at their farewell talks..... haha and also are trying to pay me to write their girlfriends poems for them :P I didn´t know I could make poems that good but I wanted to share my first one and shortest one with you guys. The beginning comes from a song though, one of my favorite songs "Broken".

"I´m Just"

A broken instrument in the hands of the greatest,
so if the notes are off it's cause I ain´t nothing to play with.
And you can fault me,
but ain´t we all off key.
Somehow he still makes these melodies
Even though I carry around some felonies
So forget the kings horses, forget the kings men,
The King is coming to put us back together again.
From me a rebel sinner, but I've accepted his call.
Telling the world about the message, we can be saved from the fall.
I used to push away his pierced hands, the pains I never felt,
But now my hands are His, and He still uses them to help.
His body was sacrificed, his pains I will never feel,
His blood is used to clean, and his love will forever heal.
For those who seek the truth, and honestly search,
I know it´s been restored, I belong to the church.
People spit in His face, whipped his back, ripped through His body with nails,
Don´t know how He still loved them, but His grace still prevails.
Through my hands he will still heal the deaf, sick, and blind,
Through me miracles will happen, He put my imperfections behind.
From me just a boy, 18 years of age,
Christ took my life, changed it, turned it to a new page.
I used to be a rebel, putting filth inside my soul,
I would go up to play hymns, but kept climbing down the hole.
Knowingly breaking the rules of Father, and still He showed me love,
I never looked up at Him, but He kept watch from up above.
After time I opened my eyes, and guilt hit me like a train,
I cried up to him, asking for help and immediately took my pain.
The Lord helped me overcome sin, so His cross I will forever carry,
I am His servant. I am His missionary.

"Elder Austin from GA"

We are´t allowed to have gum on the mission which really got me sad cause I brought like 30 packs and then the ones you sent me but the president said we could have gum at night so I have one a day and I love it! Thank you so much!!

Well we are the older group now so that is cool! And the two new groups that have came in I´m not the shortest anymore, I´m like the 40th out of 200 so it's getting better! Soon I will be the tallest in El Salvador! haha! It´s 6 hours but it will be so fun! It´s on a nice charter bus too I've heard.

Also I don´t have my visa yet but I haven´t asked, only one person has had a problem here but in my mission if I don´t get my visa in time I just go to Belize so it all works out :)

Elder Nelson

The Best Two Years

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