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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

a second in my shoes...

This is everyone in the CCM

I have the shortest group of guys... and I´m the shortest. It´s so weird haha

Hey guys!!

This week has been a crazy spiritual week!! I have learned so much and felt the spirit stronger than really I ever have except for my patriarchal blessing. I just got back from the temple again and for those of you wondering they have the sessions in English but everybody talks to you in Spanish. It is pretty cool.

It is so beautiful here and I´m kinda getting used to the cold. We have the coolest mission president ever and he always laughs and tells people to have fun and lets people stay out longer for sports or eat more despite what the teachers say. He is very good at basketball too despite his age.

(Mom don´t read this part, don't worry, nothing is wrong :)) We were going to go to the City square today and place Libros de Mormon, but there are protests and riots and crazy stuff with an election coming up, on so we can´t go do that. Instead we are having a basketball tournament and eating pizza and drinking coke!! I´m so excited. We met some ´real missionaries´today too and that was so cool!!! But I also have been sick most this week and although I wasn´t a double sided dragon like most people, I didn´t like going to the bathroom if you know what I mean...Stoamch still hurts but I´m doing fine! (Okay mom you can read now)

 I´m so excited to leave the CCM and start teaching! There are so many cool stories! We are getting new people here so hopfully I won´t be the shortest anymore! I hope all is well and happy late birthday to one of my bestfriends!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEL! Wish I could have been there and hope all is well!

I´m so grateful to be out on my mission and am very lucky to have this experience! I´ve now been a missionary for la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias! My nametag is so cool :) I hope all is well and any questions you have or stuff you want me to say on my emails let me know!!

Stay true to the end! Endurance is the real test after you have started. Wish you all could have a second in my shoes but only a second because I love it! Good luck to those of you going to school also, haha stinks for you but work hard! Talk to you all later!
Elder Austin

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